Presentations and Seminars

Year Title and Location
2013 STC Awards and Honors
Leadership Webinar
with Pam Brewer, Nancy Coppola, Cindy Currie-Clifford, Tharon Howard, Linda Oestreich, and Tricia Spayer
2013 Community Success Plan
Leadership Webinar
with Andrea Wenger
2013 Why I Tech Comm Summit, and Why You Should Too
Lightning Talk at STC Houston program meeting
2013 STC, Its Communities, and Community Leadership
Technical Communication Summit ’13 Leadership Day
with Andrea Wenger
2006 STC Communities and Universities: Collaborative Programs
STC’s 53rd Annual Conference
with Ann Jennings and Rebecca Taylor
2006 Using a Customer Response System to Write and Update User Documentation
STC’s 53rd Annual Conference
with Roger Dearth and Joy Thompson
2001 Creating a WinHelp Project
STC Houston Share-the-Knowledge Workshop