White Papers

Monitoring Microsoft Exchange with PATROL – A Best Practices Guide

Best Practices for Configuring PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers

Best Practices for Monitoring Roundtrip Response Times in Microsoft Exchange with PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers

Using a Customer Response System in Writing and Updating User Documentation
with Joy Thompson

User Guide

Creating a WinHelp Project

PATROLĀ® for Ariba Buyer User Guide Version 1.2

Release Notes

PATROLĀ® for Siebel eBusiness Applications Release Notes Version 1.1.10

Document History Examples

Document History for Policy

Document History for Policy Handbook

Document History for Technical Training Manual


Electronic Devices

Job Aids
Note: This writing sample has been scanned from a hard-copy document and is provided for the content. If you wish to see the complete set of job aids, please contact me.

Tool Query by Product Number in Frontier

Other Writing Samples

Three Samples:
     To change the display settings on your dual-monitor environment
     Conceptual Article: Active Directory
     Command Reference Article for DOS Command: DIR Command